Our Story

Our story starts with a global pandemic

ACARÉ Skin is a handmade skincare brand founded by Andreia Prieto in June 2020. ACARÉ was developed through the concern of the chemicals that were added into shop-bought body products, as well as the desire to find products that treated my dry skin.

During the first lockdown I became intrigued with the body products I had at home, and realised that there were so many chemicals that I couldn't even pronounce or had any idea what they were. I then decided to research more into these chemicals and found alarming studies, and discovered the endless benefits of using organic and natural body products. From that moment I ditched the shop-bought body products and bought my own natural ingredients to make my own. 

After lots of trial and error, I had discovered the perfect formula for my handmade products that quickly solved my dry skin issues. Instead of keeping these products to myself, I decided that I would create ACARÉ to share them with others who prefer a natural skincare routine or also suffer from dry skin conditions.